2015 Service Report (Summary)

April 3, 2016 by Adrian Stubbs

This report is a condensed version of the Reserve Branch’s annual report that was provided to command staff of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and other relevant parties.

In 2015, the Reserve Branch aided the Sheriff’s Office by providing over 29,496 person-hours.  Reserve deputies assisted in the service of warrants, delivery of civil papers, performed traffic stops; provided courtroom security and Emergency Medical Services in the court facilities; conducted inmate cell searches, worked visitation and zone security in our detention facilities; and conducted traffic and crowd control duties at parades, and other special community events within Fulton county.

Like they did in prior years, members of the Reserve Branch provided law enforcement duties for a wide variety of community events and activities in 2015.  Some of those events and activities included:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Black History Parade
  • Summerhill Community Reunion Parade
  • Atlanta Zoo’s Beastly Feast
  • Legendary 4th of July Fireworks at Lenox Mall
  • Morris Brown Homecoming Parade
  • Clark Atlanta Homecoming
  • Senior Center Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery
  • Sheriff’s H.Y.P.E. Conference for Youth
  • Helping Hands International Holiday for Kids
  • Christmas/Kwanzaa Parade

See the article entitled: “Sheriff’s Reserve Annual Special Events & Activities”, on the “News & Events” page for a comprehensive list of the events and activities the Reserve Branch provided law enforcement services for.