Condensed History of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit

April 22, 2018 by Adrian Stubbs

Excerpts from the “Condensed History of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit” article.

Initial research did not uncover the formation date of the organization, its initial commander, strength, rank structure and divisions.  However, it was learned that before the organization became the Reserve Unit that we know today, it was formed as a Sheriff’s Posse.  This group of individuals assisted mostly in search and rescue efforts, civic and other non-law enforcement roles.

In 2017, the Reserve Unit was comprised of two groups of individuals who were desirous of supporting the Sheriff’s Office.  The first group consisted of sworn, state certified reserve deputies and the second, retirees who once served as sworn full-time deputies of the Sheriff’s Office.

Today’s Reserve Unit has nearly 200 members who average over 18,000 hours of service to the community each year.  It provides security for community events, conducts massive cell searches at the Fulton County Jail, serves civil papers, executes arrest warrants, and provides security for the courts.

To support its current mandate, the Reserve Unit is divided into four main divisions, namely:  the Law Enforcement Division, Jail Division, Courts Division, and a Training & Special Teams Division.  For more information about today’s divisions, please click on the link for the page entitled “Reserve Divisions”, at the top of our website’s home page.

To read the entire condensed history of our Unit, please click on the link for the page entitled “About Us” at the to of the website’s home page and select “Condensed Reserve History”.