Reserve Unit Launches Pilot for New Electronic Collaboration App

April 8, 2017 by Adrian Stubbs

On April 8, 2017, the Reserve Unit’s Administrative Division launched a focused pilot to test a new electronic collaboration application.  This application is called BAND.

BAND is an Android and iOS app that makes it easy to connect to a group’s coworkers securely. Furthermore, BAND allows voting using group polls, group messaging, the ability to create photo albums and a shared calendar with events relevant to the organization.

BAND’s core features are Board, Chat, Calendar, and Album. Main communications happen on the Board, where postings and comments are posted.

Key functions of each feature are:

  • Board: Members can create a post and leave comments. Multiple attachments can be included in a post, including photos, videos, files, location, poll, and event.
  • Chat: Like messenger apps, Chat feature allows for chatting with entire group members, select few, or one-on-one. Chat is used for immediate conversations that have non-specific topics.
  • Calendar: On BAND Calendar, members can save group events with date, time, and location and ask for RSVP. Reminder alarm may be set. Members may save the event details on the Calendar on their mobile phones and computers.

After successful completion of the pilot, all members will be invited to download the application and register their mobile devices.  Then, BAND will become the official electronic collaboration tool for the Reserve Branch.